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Professional manicure set: the set includes a milling machine, power supply, a set of 5 diamond cutters, 6 sanding pads and a mandrel, so a carrier for paper pads. Cutters with coating are ideal for filing acrylic or gel mass, for removing cuticles and for pedicure treatment. Adjustable speed from 0 to 35,000 rpm. You can adjust the speed from low to high as needed.
Save money – starting today you can forget about expensive spending for the manicure. You don’t have to go anywhere and save a lot of time. You can make nails anytime whenever you want. You decide the colour of your nails and their additional elements. With this product you have your own beauty salon in your home
Best product performance: great aluminum housing for efficient heat dissipation and long service life. Thanks to the light handle, working with the milling machine becomes pleasant and comfortable. Thanks to the ergonomic shape, it sits well in your hand and sits very firmly in it, which ensures safe working. By using a milling machine, the time for making a manicure/pedicure is reduced by up to half
Multi-functional: with the electric milling machine, you can shorten the nails, both natural and arty, natural or artificial (acrylic) plate, remove the previous hybrid, gel or acrylic manicure, model the plate – gives a beautiful shape: rectangular, oval or almond, remove or cut the cuticle, make indentations or cutouts necessary for French manicure or embedding ornaments.
Safety and easy to use: the router bits can always be easily replaced. Thanks to the technology used, the milling machine is quiet and allows long-term use. The housing is made of aluminium alloy with non-slip surface treatment and is scratch and drop resistant. The set is very convenient, you can take it anywhere due to its small size.


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